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Guide Service For Container Liner Loading And Unloading
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     On Oct. 13nd, 2016, in order to better serve our customer, Our Salesman and the sales
and Engineer went
to the plant of the terminal customers in Taiwan. We have carried the
loading of Container liner/Dry Bulk Liner/Sea Bag Liner and
check and guide for the Loading
and Unloading on site, also we have checked the using situation for the C
ontainer Liner.

     Combining with the Loading and Unloading facility and PTA Cargo flow situation of our customer as well
as the requirement
of storage and transportation.According to the requirements of the customer,We
independently designed the Container Liner especially for this customer’s usage, which can increase the
efficiency and safety, to improve the customer loading capacity and reduce the customer's package
transport costs.

     In the process of unloading operation process and the material of liquidity we have recorded,according
to the situation of loading and unloading on the site, we have put forward the advice and some points which
should be paid attention to.Finally,We successfully completed the unloading test of PTA powder
which is flow
poor in the Container.

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