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Service For Flexitank Unloading And Guide
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    On Sept.5th, in order to stronger the business cooperation with Flexitank customer and
do a better service for improving and increase the satisfaction of using flexitank,we arranged
the after-sales service staff and Technical engineer to visit the terminal factory of Customer.
In terms of the Flexitank they are using now, we made the prcess guidance and rules of the
including many important points needed to pay attention to during the un-
loading of Flexitank.And the measure and solution when meet special circumstances.


   Depending on the customer's liquid cargo attributes and the requirement of the loading and
unloading, we have further improved and optimized our design and using requirements of our
flexitank, etc., Also increasing the unloding efficiency and safety to use Flexitank;We pointed
out all points that need to pay attention to in the process of unloading.Including the advice to
finish the unloading in smoothy for the first order of Flexitank by this customer.

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