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Customer From Indonesia Visiting our plant
Public Time:2016-07-09 10:14:47 Click:

   On July 5th, our customer from Indonesia visited our factory. View of the production
line of our three
main products such as Flexitank,Container liner/Dry bulk Liner/Container
and FIBC /bulk bag/Big Bag.They inspect and check our all QC(quality control) pro-
from Raw material to the finished product in our company.As well as get to know
all our international certificates for quality management and food grade manufacturing.

   They are
very satisfied with our production line and environment which is very clean
and sanitation as a Food grade standard, After visiting,they increase the confidence to
production system,products and services. With more than three years of coopera-
tion, based on the
good quality and high efficiency service, The customer told us that
they will
increase the purchasing quantity the next to achieve mutually benefit and win-
win for both,
joint stronger to servise our end-user.

   During this trip, The Customer know more Container Liner specially for the production
line,product designs as well as the
customers who we supplied and servised now.They
that can broaden the cooperation
in the dry cargo transportation and packaging,
So their logistic and business can cover the liquid cargo and dry cargo in the market.