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Container Liner

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Thermal Liner
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    Anthente supply the thermal Container Liner(Bulk Liner) in many style design and produce
experience to meet customer’s different requirement and Cargo.With the good quality and save cost for transporting the food and other Cargo need keep fresh by Thermal Bulk Liner.

What are thermal Container liner?
Thermal liners are made with PE Film-Aluminum foil-PE Film, which can be fitted in 20ft,30ft

and 40ft,45ft Container. And more and more popular for bulk transportation to protect the
Food or other Cargo inside the Container as a barrier for temperature,oxygen and UV.

To insulate materials discretely in bottles, cartons, multi -gallon containers,boxes or crates,
to avoid irreversible damages from temperature fluctuations,UV exposure or external con-

The thermal liners also can be used for separation protection layer between the Cargo inside
and the walls of the Container and other Transport Tank.Decreasing the pollution during the
transportation. And it can reducing the problems generated by moisture inside the container.

Applicable products in Thermal Bulk Liner:
Wine,Fruit Juice,Beverage,Dairy,Mineral Water,Medicines,Adhesives, Resins,Paints,and other
some volatile  or Highly hygroscopic products;

Benefits(Dry Bulk Thermal Liner):

--Protects Cargo by reflecting up to 95% of radiant energy.

--Eliminates conductive heat transfer.

--Oxygen barrier.

--Moisture barrier.

--The container is transformed into a clean room environment,preventing dust and container
drip to pollute the cargo.

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