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IBC Tank

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Paper IBC
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1. What is Paper IBC:

Paper IBC Tank is an effective packaging product for non-hazardous bulk liquid transporta-
tion and
storage to replace traditional storage such as steel Tank or plastic drums, ISO Tank
and others.

Paper IBC is constituted by outer corrugated board box and inner 2 layers PE Film Bag and
can load 1000L maximum.which can load more 20~30% cargo and save 20~25% freight and 80% storage space normally.The Paper IBC can be transported and loaded in standard sea
Container and Truck.

2. Specifications for IBC Tank:

-- Loading Capacity: 1000liters
-- Max Loading Temperature: 65℃
-- Stacking Limit: 1) 3 IBC units on stationary ground
2) 2 IBC units while in transition
-- Structure:   1) two layers food grade PE liner Bag
2) hard corrugated board Box
3) wooden Pallet

3. Advantages for Paper IBC:

1)Save More Storage Space
Comparing with steel Tank,plastic drum,Paper IBC in folded packaging for storage and

save 80% storage space.

2)Easy to Set Up
Require only one person one minute to prepare and install the Paper IBC Tank for filling.
No need a special training to operate.

3)Easy Transportation
Can load 20pcs Paper IBC in one 20ft Container(40pcs in 40ft Container).Normally for
exporting shipment where environmental laws are strictly observed.

4)Environment Friendly
Materials used to make Paper IBC are completely recyclable,biodegradable and waste-to-

5)High Strength
Paper IBC offers compression strength from 8 to 10 tons and can stack and stand
4pcs Tanks increasing storage efficiency.

4. Application for IBC Tank:
Chemical Industry:
Plasticizer,Polybasic alcohol,Choline,Chloride,Lubricating,Cleanser,Shampoo,Propylene glycol,
Latex,white oil,Paper pulp,Printing oil,Printing ink,Eradicator,Biodiesel,Alkylate.

Food Industry:
Syrups,palm oil,edible oil,cooking oil,fish oil,food additives,Drink water,Juice,Soybean oil,
Olive Oil,Wine,liquid glucose,milk,Sauce,Fatty acid.

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